Webmail Signature

Step 1: Open CIIMAR Webmail account

Just go to https://mail.ciimar.up.pt


Step 2: Login with your credentials


Step 3: Access Settings


Click on “Definições” (Settings)


Step 4: Change how new E-Mails are created


  • Click on “Preferências” (Preferences)
  • Select “Composição de mensagens” (Composing Messages)
  • Change the value “Escrever mensagens em HTML” (Compose HTML messages) to “sempre” (always)

Click “Guardar” (Save)

Step 5: Check if HTML messages are shown as default


  • At “Visualização de mensagens” (Displaying Messages)
  • Check if “Mostrar mensagens em HTML” is ON
  • If not, please select it as you see in this last picture

Click “Guardar” (Save)


Step 6: Download or open the signature file


Step 7: Change the signature from Plain text to HTMLwebmail04

  • As you can see, in the bottom just check the box at “Assinatura em HTML” (HTML Signature)
  • At this point you can change also the top options like your name and fill something else if you want

Click “Guardar” (Save)


Step 8: Paste HTML code


  • Here you can see that the options below “Assinatura” (Signature) have changed
  • Click on HTML icon


  • With mouse right button, click at any blank spot and select Paste



  • You will see something like this above
  • Click “Atualizar” (Update)


  • Check if the result is something like this above


Step 9: Editing your own signature information



  • Select your email



  • After changing it to your own
  • Check if the link is correct by clicking at the “Chain” icon with the email selected



  • The correct URL is “mailto:yourusername@ciimar.up.pt”
  • Click “Atualizar” (update)



  • Now check for the phone number
  • A lot of users just put the Primary number ending at …800


  • Don’t forget to ckeck your name and your Department

Click “Guardar” (Save)


To go back click at “Mensagens” (Messsages)


After this you are able to create new e-mails with your new signature with HTML support quality.